A few of my favorites

Ankara 29 Mineke Reinders Watercolor 2020

Again, I’ve let the blog slip a little – partly due to family issues, and partly because it feels as if writing a blogpost has to be a big production these days.

I often feel a bit nostalgic for my early blogging days, when there was more of a sense of community, and posting a painting with a short description was enough. Now, I feel almost intimidated by all the advice that lands in my inbox about how to write a good blogpost. That’s alright for professional bloggers and “influencers”, but I’m just a painter sharing my work. I’d rather keep it short and personal, the way a (we)blog was originally intended.

So in future my posts will be shorter and more frequent. I’ll try to find a way to have them go out to my subscribers on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

For now, I want to leave you with a few of my favorites of the small watercolors I’ve painted in June. These were all done with a limited palette of either raw sienna or quinacridone gold, napthol red, and ultramarine blue. (Some of these haven’t been uploaded to my webshop yet, I’ll get to that soon).

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