A visit to İzmir during the lockdown

Mineke Reinders Izmir Watercolors Wall Display

Did that get your attention?

Of course, I didn’t really travel to İzmir while we’re all cooped up at home, but I can always travel in my mind, and that’s exactly what I did.

In part to distract myself from the daily barrage of corona-related news, I dove into my photo archive and did a series of small watercolors inspired by a visit to the lovely city of İzmir in Turkey many years ago. When I look at photographs of places I’ve been – especially those I have a strong connection with – I can almost feel myself there again. That’s especially welcome during these worrisome times.

I consciously focused on upbeat colors, because I feel that our spirits need uplifting nourishment in these anxious days. The image above shows a number of the small paintings temporarily tacked up on the wall of my bedroom/office, where they cheer me up first thing in the morning and throughout the day.

You can view all 13 of them one by one in the Small Works section of my webshop.

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