Shadow Play

The vernacular architecture of a place, the sights, sounds, and smells, the way people dress, and their modes of transportation all contribute to something like a “spirit of place.” It’s this spirit that I want to capture, one painting at a time.

The places I’ve lived in and visited have provided a rich source of inspiration to me, a well from which I continue to draw. I was born in the Netherlands, where I currently live again after having spent many years in the USA, as well as in Italy, Turkey, and Germany*. The colorful spice markets of Turkey, the beautiful façades of azulejos in Portugal, and the hustle and bustle of an outdoor market in Germany all have their distinct flavor. 

Watercolor has been my medium of choice for about thirty years. Putting down lively colors and strong darks on pristine white paper is very satisfying to me, so I paint alla prima, using no more than one or two layers of paint and leaving any white shapes unpainted. Occasionally, I like to draw or sketch a vignette of an architectural subject with pen and ink, adding a little watercolor afterwards. These pieces are less finished, more playful in nature.

*You can find more detailed background information in the Bio section.

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