International Watercolor Exhibition Gouda

Mineke Reinders - The Magic Hour - IWS Holland - Gouda

World Watercolor Masters 2019 IWS Holland is organizing a watercolor festival and exhibition May 30 – June 2 at Arti Legi in Gouda, the Netherlands. More than 80 watercolors by masters of the medium from 25 countries will be shown, and I’m happy my work – shown above – will be among them!The opening of […]

Workshop reminder / Three versions of Demolition

Demolition: watercolor on paper

Please scroll down for English Herinnering: Workshop stadsgezichten in aquarel, zaterdag 13 april 2019Er zijn nog enkele plaatsen: geef je snel op! Ja, ik doe mee! We gaan serieus, maar ook gezellig, aan de slag met het onderwerp stadsgezichten. Aquarel is bij uitstek geschikt om het vlotte, fleurige stadsleven vast te leggen. Hoe je dat […]

Winter is Coming…

Snowy City - Mineke Reinders

Snowy CityWatercolor on Millford, 26×36 cmLocation: Assen, the Netherlands We haven’t had any snow here yet, but thinking about Christmas card designs put me in the mood for painting snow scenes. This is based on photos I took two winters ago in the historic district here in Assen. The snow was already starting to melt, […]

Are you a plein air painter?

Urban Wilderness Watercolor

When I first started painting about thirty years ago, that was a question nobody ever asked me. Even when I was an art student in the early nineties, it wasn’t a subject that ever came up. How things have changed in the world of art-making! Plein air is a big thing nowadays, both as an […]

The garden is no more…

Autumn Garden

Behind the building where I live there used to be a community garden. I walked by it every day. The watercolor above shows you how it looked about a year ago, but alas, the garden is no more… This past spring, I was surprised to see that there was no planting, sowing or tending of […]

Painted Memories


Do you have a special place that you would like to see immortalized in a painting? Perhaps it’s your hometown or the house you grew up in. Or it may be a place you’ve visited that has special meaning for you. If so, you might consider commissioning me to make a painting for you or a […]

More tiny little paintings

Visitekaartjes - Summer Evening - Prague

It’s that time of year again… I’ve been busy painting tiny little paintings for an exhibit next month entitled Visitekaartjes (Calling Cards). The size limit for these is 122 cm², which translates to 9×13 cm for a rectangle (for the metric impaired, that’s about 3.5×5.1 inches). I do like painting small, but this is quite […]