Show and Tell

IWS Holland Masters of Watercolor International Exhibition Though it’s still a few months away, I’m happy to invite you to visit the upcoming Masters of Watercolor exhibit in Leiden if you happen to live in the Netherlands or are visiting. Details below. In addition to senior members of IWS Holland, international masters of watercolor have […]

Something Old and Something New

Merry Christmas - Floral textile

Happy Holidays! First of all I’d like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, and artful New Year.The past few years have been difficult for many of us, and I hope the coming one will bring some relief from personal as well as global difficulties. Ankara Drawings Looking back on this […]

IWS-Holland Members Exhibition Virtual Tour

IWS-Holland Annual Members Exhibition The International Watercolor Society – Holland’s members exhibition is currently on view at Het Stroomhuis in Neerijnen and continues through Sunday, August 28th. If, like me, you’re unable to visit the show in person, you can take a virtual tour. I know these virtual tours are meant to give you the […]

Watercolor Cats Birthday Calendar

Loesje watercolor

Making art again My summer was characterized by debilitating joint pains and fatigue, which turned out to be caused by an auto-immune disorder. Now that I’m getting appropriate medication, life is a whole lot better, and I’m happy to be making art again. Watercolor Cats One of the first things I did when going back […]

Everything is better with a cat…

Woods 14 - 030621-minekereinders-watercolor

A home without a cat — and a well-fed, well-petted and properly revered cat — may be a perfect home, perhaps, but how can it prove title? — Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) On the summer solstice, a little ray of light entered our home in the form of a cat. We decided to call her […]

Into the Green Zone

Back in my early blogging days, around 2009, I challenged myself to come to terms with the color GREEN. Green is ubiquitous in the world around us, yet many painters find it a difficult color, and I definitely was among them. After exploring different mixes of green in color swatches, I tried to apply what […]

IWS Holland Watercolor Exhibition

Mineke Reinders - La Serenissima-watercolor-mat

The first part of this post is in Dutch for the benefit of my friends in the Netherlands. Please scroll down for the English version. Aquarel Expositie Het Weefhuis, Zaandijk Na lange tijd hebben we het groene licht gekregen voor een expositie van werk van de leden van International Watercolor Society Holland. Het Weefhuis, Lagedijk […]

Who’s Afraid of Phthalo Blue?

Gardens 01-160321-minekereinders-watercolor

In this post I talk about some of the pigments I use. If that’s not of interest to you, feel free to go straight to the new paintings. If you’re a painter, you probably know that phthalocyanine blue is a powerful synthetic pigment that really packs a punch. I, for one, have always been a […]