Amsterdam ink and watercolor drawing giveaway

I am giving away one of my recent drawings. It’s a pen and ink with watercolor of the Damrak in Amsterdam measuring 30×24 cm. You may wonder: why am I giving away my art? There are a couple of good reasons to do this. To introduce more people to my art To gain more subscribers […]

Workshop landschap in aquarel oktober 2017

Workshop Landschap in Aquarel Mineke Reinders

PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR ENGLISH Altijd al graag sfeervolle landschappen willen schilderen in aquarel? Als je niet goed weet hoe je dat moet aanpakken, kom dan naar deze workshop. Bij Atelier AquarEllen in het idyllische dorp Zwiggelte, midden in Drenthe, gaan we aan de slag met verf, water en papier. Je leert hoe je een […]

Summer Art Event

Mineke Reinders - Zomertapijt - Summer Tapestry

  A couple of weeks ago, I participated in Summer Art Event, a plein air paintout organized by Galerie Drentsche Aa in the village of Balloo, located in the northeast of the Netherlands. About 25 artists painted in the idyllic valley of the Drentsche Aa, a meandering stream that traverses parts of the provinces of Drenthe […]

New Works in Ink and Watercolor

Ink and Watercolor, Görlitz, Germany

There are artists who stay loyal to a particular style, medium, and subject matter throughout their careers. I’m often a little envious of such artists, because they can get very good at what they do. Getting very good at it is what we’re all aiming for in one way or another, but much as I […]

New painting: Escape


Today I’d like to share with you a watercolor from back in April, entitled Escape. This scene is about a half hour’s bike ride from where I live, so I can actually escape to it pretty much whenever I want. I can’t complain… Meanwhile, I’ve got something new and different in the works, which I hope […]

Latest watercolor studies

So here are the latest studies: 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. I was planning to post a total of twelve studies during this sale, but added a 13th to make it a baker’s dozen 🙂 Studies #9 and #13 are in fact two interpretations of the same subject. The composition with the road curving around […]