Closer to Home

Closer to Home: Forest Path - Mineke-Reinders-Watercolor-210720

I’ve started a new series: Closer to Home, inspired by the many walks I took with my daughter during the lockdown this Spring. While mostly confined to home, we were allowed to go out for essentials and to get exercise and fresh air. This limitation turned out to be a great opportunity to get to […]

Working in Series

Ankara 30 Mineke Reinders Watercolor 2020

Pick a theme Back in April when we were under lockdown, I started a series of small paintings based on a visit to Izmir, Turkey. I wanted to challenge myself to paint more often without getting bogged down with the search for subject matter each and every time. Picking a theme narrowed that down to […]

Exhibition update

Winter Sunlight Mineke Reinders Watercolor

I’ve been slowed down a bit by a family illness, but a new work update is coming soon. Meanwhile, I’m happy to let you know that an exhibit I’m part of at Museum Jan Heestershuis that was scheduled to open in March, but had to be postponed due to the pandemic, has finally opened. There […]

A few of my favorites

Ankara 29 Mineke Reinders Watercolor 2020

Again, I’ve let the blog slip a little – partly due to family issues, and partly because it feels as if writing a blogpost has to be a big production these days. I often feel a bit nostalgic for my early blogging days, when there was more of a sense of community, and posting a […]

Goodbye İzmir, Hello Ankara

Mineke Reinders Izmir Watercolors Wall Display

After 15 small, semi-daily paintings featuring scenes from İzmir, I consider that series complete for now. I’ve moved on to Ankara, the Turkish capital, where I spent considerably more time. Fourteen years ago, I spent a semester there with my family, and I went back several times for exhibits and to visit. It’s still a […]

A visit to İzmir during the lockdown

Mineke Reinders Izmir Watercolors Wall Display

Did that get your attention? Of course, I didn’t really travel to İzmir while we’re all cooped up at home, but I can always travel in my mind, and that’s exactly what I did. In part to distract myself from the daily barrage of corona-related news, I dove into my photo archive and did a […]

Merry Christmas to all

Mineke Reinders watercolor winter snow Ankara Merry Christmas

I hope you are finding some time to relax and unwind this holiday season, surrounded by family and friends, children, pets, and all the things that brighten your spirit. Light a candle for loved ones who passed, and remember people around you who might be lonely. I’ll get back to more regular posting in 2020, […]