A new painting and a new brush


I splurged on a Jackson’s Kolinsky Tajmyr Sable # 12 from Jackson’s Art Supplies and couldn’t wait to try it out. This watercolor was done entirely with that brush, which is not the way I usually work, but I wanted to see what it could do in terms of washes, dry-brush, detail, etc. One painting isn’t enough to […]

Memories of Germany: Two New Watercolors


Back in the early 2010’s my family spent two years in Bielefeld, Germany. For some reason, memories of that time kept coming back to me in recent weeks, and they found their way into my paintings. The first scene (above) is a typical street in Bielefeld on a bright, sunny day. Nothing spectacular, but when […]

Workshop compositie in aquarel maart 2018

Workshop Compositie in Aquarel met Mineke Reinders

PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR ENGLISH Compositie is de grondslag van je schilderwerk. Daarmee staat of valt het als het ware. Een sterke compositie geeft je de vrijheid om je werk naar eigen smaak en voorkeur in te vullen. Dit geldt voor alle media, maar zeker voor aquarel, omdat je in aquarel maar beperkt kunt corrigeren, […]

Quality Time with Art

Mineke Reinders Available Art Catalog cover

I’ve been meaning to share some of my available art with you, and rather than just posting images on my blog and social media, I thought it would be nice to put together a little E-booklet. Art from Holland and Beyond is a selection of fifteen of my favorite pieces from recent months, complete with […]

Visitekaartjes Opening Reception

Mineke Reinders Visitekaartjes Paterswolde

If you follow me on Facebook you may have already seen my post about the opening of the exhibit “Visitekaartjes”, but since this is going out to my subscribers by RSS newsletter tomorrow, I wanted to post here as well for those who have – perhaps wisely – chosen not to live the virtual life […]

Visitekaartjes: an exhibit of miniature paintings


For English please scroll down. Visitekaartjes is de titel van een expositie van kunstwerken op miniatuurformaat, die a.s. zondag van start gaat bij Galerie Paterswolde, Hoofdweg 161 in de gelijknamige plaats. Aan deze expositie nemen maar liefst 160 kunstenaars deel met ruim 800 kleine, maar fijne kunstwerkjes! Van mij zijn er een zestal werkjes in […]

A room with a view in Toruń, Poland


From the hotel room where we stayed a few years ago, we had a view of this charming Art Nouveau building in the center of Toruń, Poland. It was a bit of a challenge to draw, because I didn’t have any photos of the entire building, so I had to cobble it together from photos of […]

Painting tiny little paintings


For an exhibit later this month entitled Visitekaartjes (Calling Cards), I’ve promised to deliver six miniature paintings. The size limit for these is 100 cm², which translates to 10×10 cm for a square or 8×12,5 cm for a rectangle (for the metric impaired, that’s roughly 4×4 or 3×5 inches). In other words, really really tiny! […]