The place: Bielefeld, GermanyThe time: A summer morningThe mood: Cheerful This is a scene from Bielefeld, Germany, where I lived with my family from 2010-2012. Nothing grand, but I like the feel of a city street with people walking around on an ordinary day. So much of life is like that… Available here

Light in a Dark Alley

Light in a dark alley

The place: Groningen, the Netherlands The time: An afternoon in summer The mood: Mysterious There’s something irresistible about a narrow alley that always draws me in. It’s cosy and mysterious at the same time. I’m quite familiar with this particular alley, but what made me want to paint it was that sliver of light coming […]

A House Full of Memories

House Full of Memories

The place: Hacı Bayram Veli Cd., Ankara, Turkey The time: A summer afternoon The mood: Melancholy I walked around this part of Ankara about ten years ago, before the neighborhood underwent extensive renovations and many buildings were torn down. This old house, with its faded colors and its many building materials, has been demolished, though […]

Small painting: Passage


My daughter has started a new phase in life recently as a student of English Language and Literature at the University of Utrecht. For those of you not familiar with the geography of the Netherlands, Utrecht is just about the most central city in our country. From there, you can reach almost any destination within […]


Old House with Red Flag

Another week and it’ll be September – where did the summer go? Well, part of it was spent hunkered down in a heatwave (I don’t do well with sweltering temperatures), and we have been preoccupied with my daughter’s search for a place to live in Utrecht (shameless plug to my Dutch friends: if you know […]

A few more paintings inspired by Summer Art Event


A few weeks ago, I painted plein air in the villages of Balloo and Loon as a participating artist at Summer Art Event, organized by Galerie Drentsche Aa. I took reference photos of the places I painted, but I also took a few photos of places I didn’t paint then and there, but that I […]

Showing and Painting my Way through Summer

Summer Art Event - Schoolmaster's house Loon - watercolor - Mineke Reinders

Art Fair Westerbork On July 1st, I did my first art fair. It was a home game of sorts, as I was born in the municipality of Westerbork and my mother still lives there. It was an enjoyable, though very windy day. My booth was easily the most ‘Zen’ of them all, in part because […]

Coming attractions: Summer Art Fair Westerbork, Summer Art Event Balloo

2018-030618-art-minekereinders-small-watercolor-summer in the city

Last week I sent out a special email to my Dutch subscribers about two upcoming events: the Summer Art Fair in my hometown of Westerbork on July 1st, and the annual Summer Art Event, a plein air painting event in Balloo, the weekend after. I’ve been told that July is a slow month, but it’s […]