Day 9 – Inktober 2017


As with the previous drawing, I did the ink drawing yesterday and added watercolor today. I’m not entirely happy with the result this time. The placement of the big tree on the right is problematic. In fact, the composition would have been better as a vertical, with the right third omitted entirely. In analyzing what […]

Day 7 – Inktober 2017


Knol’s Koek is a specialized bakery in Groningen where they make different varieties of Groninger Koek. If you don’t know what koek is, take a look at the bakery’s website and click on the names under ‘Assortiment’ to see pictures of different kinds of koek. Better yet, come to Groningen and sample some for yourself! There […]

Day 5 – Inktober


Yesterday was my birthday, so I gave myself the day off…:)  Today, I’m battling a nasty cold, but I did manage to get a little ink drawing and coloring in. Maybe not my best piece, but it was the best I could do given how crummy I’m feeling. India ink, watercolor, and gouache on toned […]

Day 3 – Inktober 2017


Today’s drawing: India ink, watercolor, and white pencil on toned paper. Location: Ankara, Turkey. For once, I remembered to scan my drawing before adding color…

Inktober 2017


October is Inktober. Since I’ve been incorporating a lot of ink drawing in my work recently, I thought I should give this a try. Inktober was created by Jake Parker in 2009 as a challenge to artists worldwide to do one ink drawing a day during the month of October. Given what my calendar looks like this […]

Two exhibitions


I’m happy to share with you that I am currently participating in two group exhibitions. The first is Passion for Watercolor, an exhibition of about 100 watercolors by the members of IWS (International Watercolor Society) Holland, which opened on September 10th in Kunstation, Uden, the Netherlands. The top two watercolors in the above photo, both painted […]

A painting for my daughter


My daughter visited Edinburgh for the first time in July. Lucky her…. I’ve always wanted to visit that city and hope that some day I’ll get the chance. She immediately fell in love with the atmosphere and the architecture of Edinburgh and had a wonderful time exploring the city with her father. She can’t wait […]

Amsterdam drawing giveaway winner

Many thanks to all of you who entered my contest for a pen and ink drawing with watercolor of the Damrak in Amsterdam measuring 30×24 cm. The contest ended at midnight yesterday, and today I’m happy to announce the lucky winner: Patricia O’Kane Congratulations, Patricia! And to everyone who entered, thank you so much for […]