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More tiny little paintings

It’s that time of year again… I’ve been busy painting tiny little paintings for an [...]

New painting: Along the Old Canal

On a visit to Utrecht with my daughter last week, I had some time to [...]

Visitekaartjes: an exhibit of miniature paintings

For English please scroll down. Visitekaartjes is de titel van een expositie van kunstwerken op [...]

A room with a view in Toruń, Poland

From the hotel room where we stayed a few years ago, we had a view [...]

Painting tiny little paintings

For an exhibit later this month entitled Visitekaartjes (Calling Cards), I’ve promised to deliver six [...]

Day 31 – Inktober 2017

I discovered this really fun little building in Groningen yesterday, and couldn’t wait to draw [...]

Day 29-30 – Inktober 2017

We’re nearing the finish line of Inktober with only one day left to go. Here’s [...]

Day 24 – Inktober 2017

I have not kept up with the Inktober challenge lately – too many other things [...]