Day 29-30 – Inktober 2017


We’re nearing the finish line of Inktober with only one day left to go. Here’s my latest effort, started yesterday and completed today. And though Inktober is almost over, that doesn’t mean I’ll be putting away my pens. On the contrary – I had already started incorporating ink drawing into my repertoire, and this month of practicing whenever time allowed has only reinforced the habit. I just love the combination of line and wash, of ink and watercolor.

As some of you have pointed out, some ink drawings are better left alone without the addition of color. This is something I have yet to get a handle on, as any of my ink drawings without added washes look a little naked and unfinished to me. At the same time, I’m a great lover of drawings and sketches, and wish museums would show more of them. So, going forward I want to pay more attention to drawing as a discipline in its own right.

Here’s the ink only version of today’s drawing:


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