Day 7 – Inktober 2017


Knol’s Koek is a specialized bakery in Groningen where they make different varieties of Groninger Koek. If you don’t know what koek is, take a look at the bakery’s website and click on the names under ‘Assortiment’ to see pictures of different kinds of koek. Better yet, come to Groningen and sample some for yourself!

There are always a couple dozen bicycles parked in the area in front of this building, but I left them out – in part because I was too lazy to draw so many bikes, but primarily because they didn’t add anything to the scene and only obscured the lower part of the house.

Below is the ink drawing on its own, which I completed yesterday. Above you can see the final version with watercolor added. 2017-061017-art-minekereinders-ink-drawing-inktober2017-edam

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