Day 9 – Inktober 2017


As with the previous drawing, I did the ink drawing yesterday and added watercolor today. I’m not entirely happy with the result this time. The placement of the big tree on the right is problematic. In fact, the composition would have been better as a vertical, with the right third omitted entirely.

In analyzing what went wrong here, I’ve come away with two lessons. One, leave out everything that doesn’t contribute to the picture as a whole. That’s not that difficult, but does require paying attention, which leads me to lesson number two: don’t be in a rush. It’s tempting to get something done quickly, especially since I’m trying to keep up with the Inktober challenge as much as I can, but it’s also okay to skip a day. Or to let an ink doodle be just an ink doodle sometimes.

Here’s the ink only version – which one do you prefer?


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