A painting for my daughter


My daughter visited Edinburgh for the first time in July. Lucky her…. I’ve always wanted to visit that city and hope that some day I’ll get the chance. She immediately fell in love with the atmosphere and the architecture of Edinburgh and had a wonderful time exploring the city with her father. She can’t wait to go back, and I’d love to go with her next time.

I thought about what to get her for her recent birthday, and knowing that she’s not into the latest i-Phone and prefers to buy her clothes herself, I decided to make her a painting of her beloved Edinburgh. Starting with a photo from their visit that her father sent me, I also looked at some old (as in: 19th century) photographs of the city for atmosphere, and came up with this composition. It’s India ink and watercolor, with some spattering and spraying of ink applied beforehand to kind of ‘age’ the painting. I’m happy to report that she was thrilled with it, so this one isn’t going anywhere beyond her room…:)

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