New watercolor painting: Memory Lane

Mineke Reinders - Memory Lane - watercolor 25x35 cm

The subject of this painting is literally a trip down memory lane: these houses and alleys have been torn down to make room for new dwellings in an updated environment. Not a bad thing, I’m sure, as the old houses were in bad shape. Still, I can’t help feeling a little nostalgic about this old neighborhood, and the way in which people made their homes in very modest circumstances here. I do hope the powers that be allowed the people who lived here to stay in their neighborhood, rather than moving them out to the perifery. For what it’s worth, I imagined this fellow taking a stroll donw memory lane, and I was there with him.

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4 thoughts on “New watercolor painting: Memory Lane

  1. Julie Michaud says:

    I do love this painting and the fact that so many of your works are based in many of your experiences … and memories. I get so nostalgic over old scenes of my past …

    • mineke says:

      Thanks, Julie. As time goes on, memories of beloved places and the times spent in them take on more significance, and I find myself drawn to painting them as a way to preserve something meaningful from the past.

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