Old House with Red Flag

Another week and it’ll be September – where did the summer go? Well, part of it was spent hunkered down in a heatwave (I don’t do well with sweltering temperatures), and we have been preoccupied with my daughter’s search for a place to live in Utrecht (shameless plug to my Dutch friends: if you know of any available rooms, let me know!) Apart from that, I’ve updated some sections of this website, including the biography and the dreaded artist’s statement. They can both be found under the About heading in the menu. I’m saying “dreaded”, because it’s really hard to say something intelligible about your work, what inspires it and how you go about it, in two or three short paragraphs!

Feeling a little disjointed meant that I only had time and energy for a couple of small watercolors. Do you remember the Daily Painters phenomenon? I was one of the artists who painted a small painting nearly every day for a number of years back around 2007-2010. I enjoyed it very much and would do it again, except that the community around it seems to have dissipated. Nevertheless, no reason not to do small paintings when the mood strikes me or when I don’t have time for anything larger.

These measure 7×5 inches (18×13 cm) and will be added to my shop soon. 

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