Two exhibitions


I’m happy to share with you that I am currently participating in two group exhibitions. The first is Passion for Watercoloran exhibition of about 100 watercolors by the members of IWS (International Watercolor Society) Holland, which opened on September 10th in Kunstation, Uden, the Netherlands. The top two watercolors in the above photo, both painted in 2015, are in this exhibit as well as a third and more recent one. The opening reception was very well attended and lots of fun!

At Galerie Drentsche Aa the exhibition Summer Art Event started September 15th. The opening reception/meet and greet will be held on Sunday October 15th starting 14:30 PM. The bottom two watercolors in the above image, one of which I painted plein air during Summer Art Event in early July, are in this exhibit. The other one is the view from the same spot, but looking in the other direction. I did that in the week following the event.

If you live in the Netherlands or are visiting around this time, be sure to check out these exhibits. Lots of good work in both of them.

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