A Walk in the Park

Mineke Reinders watercolor Walk in the Park

The place: Münster, Germany
The time: A summer afternoon
The mood: Peaceful

Münster is a beautiful city with a rich – and at times gruesome – history. You wouldn’t guess from looking at this peaceful scene, which is just minutes from the historic city center. Three friends or colleagues are taking a walk along a leafy path bordered by a stream. Not a bad way to spend your lunch hour.

The artist in me was especially attracted to the backlit foliage: the sunshine makes the leaves seem transparent, which I indicated with the use of white paper and very light washes, contrasting with darker hues behind them. I did consciously exaggerate the variety of greens and added some purple and red to break up the monotony.

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2 thoughts on “A Walk in the Park

  1. Franciscus Godts says:

    Mineke, organiseer je soort field trips waar je instructies kan geven voor Aquarelle schilderen. Ik ga nu in Lagos (Algarve) wonen na vier jaar in Washington DC. Mocht je ideeën hebben altijd welkom en ik wil meer ervaring opdoen. Van harte, Frans.

    • mineke says:

      Hoi Frans, geen field trips, maar ik geef wel af en toe workshops. Er staat een workshop stadsgezichten in aquarel gepland voor April 2019 (in Drenthe). Die zal ik nog aankondigen op deze site en via de nieuwsbrief.
      Intussen wens ik je een voorspoedige verhuizing naar de Algarve en veel schilderplezier!

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